Best of 2016

Mostly we hear ‘thank you’ as a magic word in birthday parties as said by the clowns and hosts. But 2016 was way better than just a party. It was a year of transition to some people and a year of another hope to some. But what’s a better and a bigger way to have a closure with your sweet 2016 other than saying the same magic word? Uhuh, that’s right. It only takes a whisper of thank you to leave and enter another year. All for making our days memorable, the music louder, the nights more romantic, the sleepless nights stressful (yeah, even that we should thank for), and the people that kept us inspired.


If you haven’t had the kind of people I’m talking about, I guess you’re still in your mother’s womb. Like derr, they are the icing on our cupcake!!! They are the Kim Possible of our problems, Dora of our adventures, and the Ellen DeGeneres of our comedy-drama life. And If you’re reading this you’re giving yourself a chance to be born bawling “Yes, am finally out of my mother’s womb!” because here comes the life of the party! Drumroll, please



Yes, it’s the person who asked you to view this page or subscribe to this blog. Lol. Who else could it be? Probably you’re reading this because I asked you to view this site or maybe my friends asked you to. They sure know how to persuade people. However, if you’re someone who just happen to be a friend of mine on Instagram or any of my social account or an anonymous person wearing a ‘Scream’ mask, maybe, and magically found a link on my bio you must be thinking who the hell is this stranger pretending to be Leonardo DiCaprio.


Well, I’m just a thrilled lad eating salty snack brezel while 2017 is buffering. People always say everything happens fast. One day we’re just tiny younglings drooling and tyrannically unaware and on the next we’re grown-ups that’s always stressed out. But how come waiting for 2017 isn’t that fast? Maybe we just need a little distraction to feast our eyes onto and let the progress to 2017 do its job. Let’s take advantage of the buffering of 2017 by catching up with best things that I’ve learned and experienced in 2016:


1.) Neither the people we let into our hearts, nor anything is permanent.

I can’t believe what I’m saying but I did attach myself to the people who gave me opportunities and teaching me things I haven’t done before. When I was watching the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries a thought went out of the blue – leaving someone special to you or bunch of crazy people that turns on your insanity and untamed side is worth crying for, and that’s fine. Whatever the cause may be.

AIEPRO, an institute with students having different cultures and nationalities, fastened to each other is an experience I could never forget. I mean, how often you meet random people in a room without having the same race, religion, and location. Plus socializing with them while having witty conversations that led to solid friendships and building your confidence is kind of a jackpot already.

2.) Collect moments, not things.

If there’s one major place I’ve been to this 2016, that would be The Land of the Rising Sun – Japan. We stayed at Osaka and I can vividly recall that men’s top priority is obviously business based from the busy chinky-eyed men humorlessly walking down the occupied streets of one of the most progressive countries. Another thing that I’ve noticed is that their hospitality is vast. But one thing’s for sure, you’ll be in awe when you get a chance to personally see the well-known cherry blossoms. All of these reminds me of Japan. These moments are priceless that even the wealthiest man alive can’t be able to replace it with any paper bill.

I’ll give you a tip. This is not a quiz where you need to memorize your lectures. It’s a practical test you need to feel in order for you to collect moments. Snapchat and Instagram stories are not worth these moments I’m telling you. Life is a one-way ticket, grab it while it lasts.


3.) Take something, leave something.

I’m actually a busy person but I never resist my friends and the fun that I’m about to run-in even if takes to be risky. In life, we have to take a leap of faith. We have to jump off a cliff without knowing what’s down there and in that second you’ll know that you’re already living your life. Like c’mon, what’s the point of being alive when you don’t get a chance to spend your life doing god knows what. But don’t worry fellas, hihi I’m not here to talk about how you should have perilous journey ahead. Lol, it’s just that the way I take something and leave something is through photographs. Ding ding ding ding ding! Bright idea, huh. You don’t have to literally take & leave something when you go somewhere. But, I, for one, take paused thoughts and moments as an advantage wherever I go. Whenever my family and I stay in a hotel, I take those paused moments as souvenirs. So, if you haven’t thought about it, why not try mine as a hobby. You’ll never know when those photographs would come in handy.


15 minutes to go before 2017! Let’s take a moment and look back to our own memories from 2016 or you could just sit back there and relax while time buffers.


Author: veesanonlyjuan

Young, chic, and fresh. Who else could it be? I am Vinz San Juan – a 16-year-old lifestyle blogger in the making from Manila, Philippines who practices being a minimalist and is captivated by the aesthetics of modern world and capturing those treasures through his lens. He is also a sucker for menswear and photography. Vinz is a socially prominent person who is an eager beaver when it comes to his goals and dreams. Creating this blog sets as his visual diary and an inspiration to himself & to the people who also dreams of conquering the social and digital world. So if anyone has gone out of their mind thinking what to wear, where to eat, or what’s for today? This eager beaver right here would be at your service especially now he’s about to reach his lifelong dream.

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