So, obviously this is my second blog in Vee and the first one in style category. I don’t want you guys to think that I’ll be ditching this blog for nothing.

Moving on, just when you thought holidays couldn’t be any classy, I take it over the top with this quick holiday tips for you to wear when you’re out of time to grab clothes, take a mirror selfie with it, and mix-and-match them. I’m the typical kind of person who takes years to decide what would be the best outfit. I don’t know, is it just the time running too fast or I’m just really picking clothes like counting salt in a jar? Lol, I know I’m not the only one who acts like a snail.

Anyway, this is actually my ordinary outfit – shirt & shorts – whenever I go for a walk, eat a simple dinner with my family, and watch a movie with friends. But of course, keeping it bare and plain should always have an impact.

When I texted a friend of mine yesterday before going to Uptown Mall, I asked if she has been there. She said yes and she bemoaned the moment she left her jacket in their house because she was freezing when she was walking inside the mall. Good thing I was still in the house when she replied so I grabbed my moss-colored cardigan without thinking twice. However, it’s unfortunate for me that I didn’t take too much time picking the precise outfit to wear (boohoo). But hey, who says the outfit that I wore wasn’t good at all?


So, if you’re one of those people who keeps the style on but with less effort on it, then fret no more because this is exactly for you! And don’t forget to tell me what you think about pairing this cardigan with my ordinary outfit in the comment section below! I would love to hear your thoughts.


Location: (Uptown Mall) Taguig City, Philippines

Author: veesanonlyjuan

Young, chic, and fresh. Who else could it be? I am Vinz San Juan – a 16-year-old lifestyle blogger in the making from Manila, Philippines who practices being a minimalist and is captivated by the aesthetics of modern world and capturing those treasures through his lens. He is also a sucker for menswear and photography. Vinz is a socially prominent person who is an eager beaver when it comes to his goals and dreams. Creating this blog sets as his visual diary and an inspiration to himself & to the people who also dreams of conquering the social and digital world. So if anyone has gone out of their mind thinking what to wear, where to eat, or what’s for today? This eager beaver right here would be at your service especially now he’s about to reach his lifelong dream.


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