Location: Globe Circuit Event Grounds, Makati

Catching fireflies at night, skinny-dipping in the dark, laying underneath the palm trees, having a sun-kissed skin, and playing beachball games with your squad. Sounds exciting, isn’t it? Well, here comes the season again wherein we can make those fantasies turn into reality! (OMG) I mean, hey, who doesn’t love summer? See the sands and the sun plus the sea, it calls me! Lol.

Well, if you’re not a beach-lover you better be into humongous speakers, festive lights, and party people! (Ring-a-ding-ding!) AND YES! RAVE AND LIVE WHILE YOU’RE YOUNG!

A year ago, I attended my first Chroma Music Festival. It was also the first Chroma Music fest that was held in Circuit Makati. I had the exhilarating feeling inside my bones. My body was ready to jive into the beat and let myself feel free. I was with my highschool friends who loves to party as well. When we entered the Globe Circuit Event Grounds, I felt so overwhelmed by the lit dance party and EDM. The aura was convincingly blithesome. What was even more exciting was the gigantic inflatable slide that had caught my attention with fun side activities beside it. You have to try those! Talking about experience, they have also given us colored powder wherein you get to toss it whenever you want. But the most awaited part of our cameras and mobile phones to capture is the countdown to powder toss. If you missed it, then you’ve missed half of the fun part.

This is my second time to attend Chroma Music Festival 2.0. It’s one of the many things you should consider putting on your summer bucket list. One of its highlights is Jonas Blue. Phew, I lost my voice that night. Jonas was just so lit and the crowd was pumped up to the beat! I was actually asking myself “Why the hell is he named after a sad color if he could spread party vibes all around the world???” But still, I consider myself lucky to be able to meet Jonas. Aside from meeting those DJs, I also got the chance to talk to Deegee Razon for a while. Yes, THE DEEGEE RAZON. Haha. Along with Lharby Policarpio, Teejay Marquez, Kerwin King, and Baninay Bautista. They were so nice people and so fun to be with. All of these things made me realize how important making memories are. When you take your first step upon entering the festival grounds, you’ll feel something amazing that you won’t be able to worry on what’s happening outside the field. You’re entering a lost island without the need of being found.


(Here are some essentials. You might not believe me but the mask there was thrown by Timmy Trumpet last year. And yes, I have managed to keep it for a year.)
chroma essentials
(Outfit deets below…)

chroma outfit

Outfit details (highlights):
Sunnies shades & neckerchief

You don’t get to spend too much energy and enthusiasm when you’re already aging so don’t miss the chance. Your summer is an adventure of a lifetime. The only reason you need to know why you should attend the next Chroma Music Fest is because you have to be with the people who can bring color to your dull summer – thru colored powder.

If you liked what you read don’t forget to leave a comment and share what gave color to your summer.


Author: veesanonlyjuan

Young, chic, and fresh. Who else could it be? I am Vinz San Juan – a 16-year-old lifestyle blogger in the making from Manila, Philippines who practices being a minimalist and is captivated by the aesthetics of modern world and capturing those treasures through his lens. He is also a sucker for menswear and photography. Vinz is a socially prominent person who is an eager beaver when it comes to his goals and dreams. Creating this blog sets as his visual diary and an inspiration to himself & to the people who also dreams of conquering the social and digital world. So if anyone has gone out of their mind thinking what to wear, where to eat, or what’s for today? This eager beaver right here would be at your service especially now he’s about to reach his lifelong dream.


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