Location: Diamond hotel’s Yurakuen, Roxas Blvd. cor. Dr. J. Quintos St., Manila

One thing that will never cease to exist is our love for food. No matter how long you’ve been shopping in a mall where everything is up to 70% sale or how jaw-dropping it is to see one of your favorite artists and singers, at the end of the day you get to say that “FOOD IS LIFE!”. A single “Samahan mo na ‘ko please! Libre kita!” will lead your feet straight right to where your friend will treat you because, yeah that’s right, you’re bamboozled by the food.

Kidding aside, that’s how I love to eat. It’s the only thing that satisfies me the most. After pig-out sessions, we tell ourselves how full our bloated stomachs are.

That’s also the exact same feeling I’m having whenever I enter a Japanese restaurant or eat Japanese cuisines anywhere. It’s like I’ve fallen in love, not just with the country alone, but also with their mouthwatering food. You see, when you visit Japan you’re not just visiting the country. You’re already learning how to love their culture and everything. Same goes with their food. You will regret not letting your taste buds try some Yakitori and Ramen noodles.

We had our lunch at Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant inside the Diamond Hotel Philippines which is dubbed as the most authentic Japanese Restaurant in Manila. Let’s start off with the setting of the place to get yourself starving. You’ll be in awe finding out that you’ll be having your meals underneath the crystal-clear blossom trees. At night, those blossom trees light up the area and gives off a Japanese aura all over the restaurant. You’ll be seeing waitresses wearing the traditional Japanese clothing – kimono.

yurakuen 2


When it comes to their dishes, their Chicken Karaage is one of their best dishes that you shouldn’t forget to order. It has the crisp texture everyone’s looking for. The golden crisp outside, the rich flavor, and the tenderness inside is a perfect combination to one’s mouth. I ordered a Katsudon for me and good thing it was enough to make my stomach smile. There’s this Miso soup (I barely remember the exact name but I’m sure it has a ‘K’ on it lol) that we’ve ordered, and I think you should try it. Though, I still can’t remember the name pardon me lol.











17966945_1431768090176848_4384011872094216214_oYurakuen is really a paradise. A food paradise, that’s what I’ll call it. And that’s what it makes it stand out. Any paradise you would like to share with me?


Author: veesanonlyjuan

Young, chic, and fresh. Who else could it be? I am Vinz San Juan – a 16-year-old lifestyle blogger in the making from Manila, Philippines who practices being a minimalist and is captivated by the aesthetics of modern world and capturing those treasures through his lens. He is also a sucker for menswear and photography. Vinz is a socially prominent person who is an eager beaver when it comes to his goals and dreams. Creating this blog sets as his visual diary and an inspiration to himself & to the people who also dreams of conquering the social and digital world. So if anyone has gone out of their mind thinking what to wear, where to eat, or what’s for today? This eager beaver right here would be at your service especially now he’s about to reach his lifelong dream.


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