Location: Filinvest Tent, Alabang

Abstract can be as vague as the penmanship of a 3-year-old kid. Maybe even fuzzier. However, not just the artist alone can depict what a certain abstract art means. Frankly, anyone can. You just have to be one with the brush, pencil, color, and canvas. You just have to be one with the art.

Last Sunday, 23rd of April, I’ve found the other half of me. The ‘creative’ me. Yes, don’t bother asking. I am somehow artsy lol. I went to Filinvest Tent, Alabang to relive the moments I had with when visiting some art museums and artsy cafes.

From there, I joined Marj De Castro & co. in the “Tampuhan Gallery” booth. She and her husband, Benjamin Pulta, owns the Tampuhan Café located at Calle M. Agoncillo, Taal, Batangas. I must say, if you’re planning or already having a quick escape at Taal Batangas then this cozy and warm inn, if ever you’re planning to stay overnight, is the perfect place to keep yourself bedridden for days and your taste buds feel satisfied. The place has a touch of art and history that brings you back to the dramatic past of the Philippines.

(Just check out their Facebook page. Check the link below)

The artworks from Tampuhan Gallery booth were mostly created by known artists in Batangas. Our team even opened an on-the-spot portrait sketching in front of our booth. What’s great about Art In The South was that every booths have proven that Filipinos are very creative and artsy-craftsy. I didn’t just stick to our booth, I also got the chance to roam around and see all the beyond-imagination artworks. I have to admit, at some point I thought about pursuing my art talents and benefit from it. Who knows? I could be a painter or an artist someday.


Just when people were arriving around 4pm when the intense heat was fading away, the most unfortunate thing happened (Oh, the day just couldn’t get any better!). The untimely burst of rain for almost two hours, I guess, prompted every booths to turn into a disaster. Well, lesson learned! Haha, keep ourselves updated with the weather forecast. No matter how hot the weather has been phew.

Scroll down for more photos in Art In The South, Alabang. Knock yourself out!


18157740_1442924669061190_5428194684904448551_n18157669_1442921879061469_2399808089022388064_n18157604_1442924029061254_6109140697842100885_nASOUTH HIGHLIGHTS18157520_1442921935728130_3722897877703668122_n18157181_1442921129061544_6891496552589415968_nasouth18118703_1442920539061603_6824868562848395473_n18118523_1442920552394935_134175513467776706_n18119585_1442920739061583_4258584297215172049_n17990833_1442923132394677_7312006372270301811_n17992355_1442924662394524_5564426196748995687_n


(That’s me over there lol)


CRATE&CREATEasouth crate&create18194108_1442920842394906_8653946542918892280_n18193782_1442919622395028_148353796492697615_n18157660_1442922315728092_7700184740484699799_n18119551_1442920652394925_5037552511481513854_n18157065_1442921599061497_3113888811275028536_n18056920_1442920792394911_5186912961785202753_n18118429_1442922809061376_3035226869075490922_n18198522_1442919749061682_1834656389751421346_n18195073_1442921545728169_5881177034305243163_n18157747_1442921799061477_1695561884144688339_n

Tampuhan Cafe:

Photos taken from Canon EOS 1000D


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