Location: SM Makati, Ayala Center, Makati, Metro Manila

I was looking forward to meet BJ Pascual and, style influencer, David Guison on the first SM Style Series last April 22, but unfortunately I wasn’t available at that day. However, it came to my senses that rather than weeping about missing the first SM Style Series I should invest my time in a larger scale – to attend the next event.

Last Saturday, I met the blogger besties – Laureen Uy, Kryz Uy, Nicole Andersson – and learned 25 tips on how to have an ootd-worthy (OOTD- Outfit Of The Day) photos and putting creativity when choosing our clothes. They also gave us some tips regarding the factors that we need to consider when taking & post-processing photos. They’ve also given us a VIP tip that every stylish person should own – confidence. Confidence is the key to perfect how you project your OOTD. Luckily, the blogger jowas were there too! It’s just fun to be able to meet their group.





She’s a fan of the blogger besties – IG: @iamjillianrs




The Blogger Besties asked volunteers from the audience to flaunt their style by picking an item (t-shirt, bag, jacket, etc.) and putting ‘faszhioooon’ through it in their outfit.


Listen in on their next SM Style Series event and I assure you that you’re not gonna go home empty-handed. Don’t miss them out, shenanigans!


Author: veesanonlyjuan

Young, chic, and fresh. Who else could it be? I am Vinz San Juan – a 16-year-old lifestyle blogger in the making from Manila, Philippines who practices being a minimalist and is captivated by the aesthetics of modern world and capturing those treasures through his lens. He is also a sucker for menswear and photography. Vinz is a socially prominent person who is an eager beaver when it comes to his goals and dreams. Creating this blog sets as his visual diary and an inspiration to himself & to the people who also dreams of conquering the social and digital world. So if anyone has gone out of their mind thinking what to wear, where to eat, or what’s for today? This eager beaver right here would be at your service especially now he’s about to reach his lifelong dream.

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